Matt + Erica Gantry Plaza Proposal

Congrats Matt and Erica! Starting one month ago, Matt and I started planning how and where he’d propose. Matt and Erica live in Long Island City, near Gantry Plaza State Park. So, Gantry Plaza with its awesome views of the New York City skyline only made sense. Together, we scouted the area, sent texts and emails of marked up screens shots of the area, watched the weather, created a Plan A and a Plan B, and decided on a post proposal restaurant for brunch.

The morning of Matt’s proposal the weather was “iffy” with rain in forecast. I arrived to Gantry Plaza 90 minutes early to send Matt final photos of our Plan A location, which we went with, and our Plan B location under an awning. Finally, with 40 minutes to go and the rain drops subsiding we said “Plan A is a go!”. The skies cleared.

As I saw Matt and Erica approach I cleared the pier. It was a HUGE surprise for Erica.

We took full advantage of the Spring flowers on our post proposal shoot.