Shalom Hartman Institute | Atonement For Me or For Us?

Jewish leaders and thinkers gathered on Sunday September 15, 2019 to examine tension between the individual and collective experience during the Jewish high holidays. The Shalom Hartman Institute held the day of discussion at their Morningside Heights office.

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Client: Shalom Hartman Institute of North America

America's VetDogs - Receiving Their Dogs

American military veterans met their service dogs for the first time on America's VetDogs Smithtown, NY campus. Over the next two weeks, the vets and their new dogs will train together. The veterans will learn how to work with their dogs, reinforce good behavior, and take care of their dogs. These highly trained and intellectual dogs can help their new owners with a wide range of tasks; open doors, wake them from nightmares, help them relax, and stand up if they fall.

Patrick Lorio - Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

When I met Patrick, the Head Manager of Turf at the Engineers Country Club, I asked him to show me his favorite spots on the course. In his headshot photos I wanted to capture what makes the course, the grounds, and it’s facilities unique. So, we took two golf carts out and drove around for a bit. As we drove, Patrick proved to be super informative and passionate about his role at the Roslyn Harbor, NY country club and about Long Island’s unique geography.

“From the top of the 15th hole you can see the NYC skyline faintly in the distance. At night when it’s clearer the whole city looks amazing from up here”, he explained. Patrick also told me just how unique Long Island’s North Shore golf courses are in comparison to the rest of the country. Long Island courses naturally feature dramatic hills, terrific soil conditions, and shady tall trees. In comparison, when building a golf course elsewhere hills have to be made, trees have to be planted, and soil has to be developed.

So, how did the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America find this Long Island photographer? I’m certainly no expert of “country club club turf management”. The answer is simple, S.E.O. I’ve been working on pushing relevant and geotagged content to blogs and pages on my website.

Client: Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Location: Engineers Country Club

Douglaston Manor - Kevin Wolfe Architecture

It’s always a change of pace photographing interiors for an architect and an interior designer. In just an 8-10 hour day I might only photograph 6 rooms and walk away with 250 photos. Those 250 photos will then will be culled, edited, and delivered as 40 finished images. When photographing interiors each room must be meticulously staged with chairs, blankets, flowers, books, and whatever else you’d find in a home. Photographing interiors is a complete 180 from my usual university work, which is fast paced do to time constraints.

On this particular shoot, the homeowner was not living in the home and it was empty of furniture. Pam, our interior designer / stager, brought in all of the furniture, books, lights, plates, blankets, and whatever else you see in the above images. Our ability to work as a team proved vital to capturing vignettes of the home in just one day. As Kevin and Pam staged one room I’d shoot the room they previously built. Then, I’d move on to the next room and they would deconstruct the previous room, moving some of those props to the room I’d later photograph.

Architect - Kevin Wolfe Architecture

Kayla + Matt - Gatsby On The Ocean Wedding

Perfect. September 7th, 2019 was a perfect day for Kayla and Matty’s wedding with cool temperatures, a nice ocean breeze, and good spirits all around. Long Island’s newest wedding and event space, Gatsby on the Ocean at Jones Beach made the perfect backdrop to their wedding day.

Venue: Gatsby on the Ocean