Here's just a small sampling of the stories we have helped tell over the years.

My experience

Over the years, while photographing with many different companies, universities and at different locations around the country, I’ve learned a lot about working quickly, efficiently, and working with what you got. Here are a few of my thoughts aimed at maximizing our time together.

Before: I want to learn as much about you, your brand, and your culture as possible. What are your photography needs, ideas and goals. I’ll study your website and your existing publications, and I’ll talk with key people involved with the project. My objective is to have a clear idea of your needs and the project’s goals before I arrive on site. This will help me plan my lens selection, lighting choices, and accessories.

Let’s put together a plan!

• What messages are you looking to create and who is your target audience?

• Are there people and/or facilities that we need to feature? If so, when are they available?

• What special places, programs, and/or items should we focus on to visually help you communicate your message?