Kiro + Rebecca Washington Square Park Proposal

Kiro reached out to me in late March with his plan to propose to Rebecca in June. “There’s going to be a sketch artist, and rose petals, and a pianist… and it’ll be in Washington Square Park.. and while her friend gets her to sit down for a sketch, I’ll be setting up the proposal scene behind them.”

It was a vision alright, and it sounded like a dream, a dream I suggested Kiro simplify. “How are you going to ensure she sits for the sketch artist?” I asked. And he agreed with me. Most New Yorkers would not sit down for a sketch artist. That’s a NYC tourist thing. But, Kiro was adamant about his vision and he ensured me Rebecca’s friend would make it happen.

The day arrived. As Rebecca and her friend entered Washington Square Park, “on their way to a friend’s birthday party”, a sketch artist offered a free sketch session. After some convincing, Rebecca and her friend sat down. Rebecca thought the artist was sketching the two of them. Instead, she was finishing a pre-made sketch of Kiro proposing to Rebecca. The artist just needed a final look of Rebecca to complete the photo.

Behind Rebecca was Kiro, friends, and family laying out a rose filled walkway lined with photos and candles. The crowds started to gather. After 10 minutes, the sketch artist revealed her sketch to Rebecca. She was confused until she turned around. She was in shock.

Rebecca slowly walked down the rose petal walkway picking up and reading the notes Kiro had written. The pianist played, the crowed snapped photos and cheered. Rebecca met Kiro just at the fountains edge. He asked the big question.


Videography: ProperPix

Pianist: Mikhail Romanov