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NYC LSAT Class - TestMasters

“Engagement” and “active participation”, or in everyday terms “looking interested in what’s going on and participating”, not only make an image successful, but the ad and the message it’s associate with successful. Images like the ones above convey a message of “this class is not boring and the professor is not just lecturing”.

I have photographed for Test Masters of California before and every time I have photographed for them, I’ve always enjoyed the challenge. TestMasters provides me the creative freedom I seek when capturing images Higher Education style images.

Work In The Wild!

Some older images photographed for Hofstra University back in 2017 were recently spotted in the university’s new Summer/Fall advertising initiative. | Location: Roosevelt Field Mall and JFK Airport

Georgetown University - Spring Lake Annual Alumni Gathering

The annual Georgetown University alumni and incoming freshmen event at the Spring Lake, NJ Bath and Tennis Club occurs on the last Thursday of July every year. Every summer, the event hosted by the Connors family aims to connect incoming freshmen and their parents with many of Georgetown’s accomplished alumni and current student body representatives.

This was my 5th year in attendance (crazy to think it’s been 5 consecutive years already).

LSAT TestMasters Class

“Engagement” and “active participation” are the two most popular buzzwords I hear when photographing higher education and corporate work. These two factors do not just make an image or a shoot successful, but they make an advertising campaign successful as well. Images like the one above convey messages of caring, excitement, energy, and connection. Great images both effectively and efficiently convey so much, so quickly.

Capturing for Test Masters of California presented me with a lot of creative freedoms, but it also presented me with several big challenges. These challenges included a short window of scheduled shooting time, a limited ability to stylize scenes, a live class I could not interrupt, and poor lighting. Upon request, I received a detailed shot list and broke each goal in to a scheduled time frame.

2019 Alumni Global Day of Service NYC - Binghamton University

The sixth annual Binghamton University Alumni Global Day of Service united Binghamton University graduates with community service projects. Alumn showed off their “Bing pride” and the collective power of volunteerism within their community. The New York City alumni chapter split their time amongst 3 sites on 2 separate days; Astoria Park, a Williamsburg school, and the Special Olympics Upper West Side training field.