Douglaston Manor - Kevin Wolfe Architecture

It’s always a change of pace photographing interiors for an architect and an interior designer. In just an 8-10 hour day I might only photograph 6 rooms and walk away with 250 photos. Those 250 photos will then will be culled, edited, and delivered as 40 finished images. When photographing interiors each room must be meticulously staged with chairs, blankets, flowers, books, and whatever else you’d find in a home. Photographing interiors is a complete 180 from my usual university work, which is fast paced do to time constraints.

On this particular shoot, the homeowner was not living in the home and it was empty of furniture. Pam, our interior designer / stager, brought in all of the furniture, books, lights, plates, blankets, and whatever else you see in the above images. Our ability to work as a team proved vital to capturing vignettes of the home in just one day. As Kevin and Pam staged one room I’d shoot the room they previously built. Then, I’d move on to the next room and they would deconstruct the previous room, moving some of those props to the room I’d later photograph.

Architect - Kevin Wolfe Architecture