Family Photos

Katie's First Communion - Scarsdale Country Club

Capturing Katie’s First Communion was more of a family shoot with an event than our traditional full communion photo job, involving documenting a church and a post service brunch. I met the DiPalma family at their country club, The Scarsdale Country Club, post ceremony. Here I photographed family photos outside and then a very nice brunch inside the clubhouse.

The DiPalma family were super happy with these photos and so was I! This day really checked all of the boxes of great photo making; good people, no rain, and a beautiful location. Origionally, we were concerned with rain in the forecast, however, the weather turned out to be superb with sunny skies and a nice breeze. The “icing on the cake” was peak Spring Cherry Blossoms and budding trees.

Venue: Scarsdale Country Club

Gabby's 4th and Jacobs 2nd Birthday

The Darsky's celebrated their daughter Gabby's 4th birthday and son Jacob's 2nd birthday at Imagine That Museum in Florham Park, New Jersey. With the help of the staff mom Carrie was able to throw a great combined birthday bash for both of her kids, family, and friends. Imagine That Museum just renovated the space and it showed. Great lighting, safe spaces, fun entertainment, and games for the kids.