Jourdan + Adam | Winter DUMBO Engagement Session

Brrrr it was cold! Jourdan and Adam were real troopers for making their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session this awesome! Origionally, we were scheduled for Sunday, but with an alleged snow storm on the way we rescheduled for Saturday.

When planning their engagement session Jourdan and Adam asked me what they should wear. Knowing it would be cold (28*), I said “Wear something you’ll be comfortable in, something fashionable, and something not too puffy. You’ll definitely want to wear a warm jacket though. A peacoat would be a great idea.” Peacoat it was! These two knocked it out of the park with their simple and clean look.

We started out near the Brooklyn Bridge Ice Cream Factory lighthouse and slowly made our way in to DUMBO stopping along the way. Adam expressed he felt a bit awkward in front of the camera and I kept this in mind throughout our shoot. I too, even as a professional photographer, am not the most photogenic and comfortable being photographed, so I completely understand how he feels. I had Jourdan and Adam do real simple poses and broke up their posing with easy relaxing walking shots (holding hands, Jordan holding Adam’s arm, looking at each other…).

Jourdan’s number 1 (and only) ask was to get a shot of them on Washington Street with the Manhattan Bridge prominently in the background. I love this shot because if you time your shoot right and position the couple correctly you’ll capture the Empire State Building dead center in between the bridge’s support tower. It’s a cool shot, which captures a lot.

Later that evening, I texted Jourdan the photos above (a small sample) and recieved a quick reply.

“Jonathan these are amazing!!”. - Jourdan