Snoball 2016

The 2016 SnoBall was the 4th annual winter Raptor Run. Every year some of the greatest memories and stories of Raptor adventures have been created during the SnoBall. At the 2016 Snoball trucks encountered everything that Mother Nature and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan could throw at them; snow, ice, subzero temperatures, downed trees. From areas of two track roads, logging trails, forest service roads and country roads drivers experienced it all.

Roads had varying degrees of snowfall on them, from significant snow fall to minimal/scraped country roads. From the moment drivers slapped on the SnoBall official placard on to their truck they were in for one of the most unique and exciting weekends ever. Teams stuck together as a pack and worked as a team to insuring everyone made it to their destinations.

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The event was sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Run Raptor Run, KC Hilites, and FRF (Ford Raptor Forum)

***Download the photos HERE!***