Bronx Zoo

Wobble like a penguin! Cackle like a hyena! Now, stretch your neck for a photo with the giraffes! 

When I was younger I used to visit the Bronx Zoo quite often. I would go with my parents in the Spring and then in the Fall. Everything was larger than life, and everything seemed so far removed from the energy of New York City, and yet we were in a New York City borough. The zoo, acted more like a time machine taking me back to early 1900's Africa with it's small tribal villages and roaming herds of animals, than a 20 minutes car ride from Manhattan, NY. When I hopped out of the car in to the Bronx Zoo parking lot it felt more like I had hopped out of bush plane and landed in the Serengeti. And yet, I was in the Bronx.

Many years later, as an adult visiting the Bronx Zoo it is a true rediscovery of self. There's a true deja vu as you walk the same paths you did as a child, as you giggle at the sea lions, and as you gaze at the size of an elephant. From the first time I visited the Bronx Zoo to my most recent visit a lot has changed. What has not changed is my love and excitement for visiting the zoo.