Model Unit

We just got done photographing a condo in East Patchogue, NY. The unit below, is part of a 32 unit housing project. As of now, 19 of the units are sold, and 13 remain to be sold.

The client, NuBirch Custom Cabinetry, a long time friend of Jonathan Heisler Photography, is looking to update the property's website and its marketing/advertising materials. The client hopes that by rebranding the property and its many marketable features they'll reach a new demographic and a new type of buyer. Hopefully this will sell the remaining 13 properties. 

Image details: I photographed each image at, or around:  1/8 of a second (shutter speed), an aperture of F22 and with a Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt as a fill light. Later, I went in to Photoshop and I  merged the images using layers and masks. The final images are brought in to Lightroom where they are color corrected and cleaned up.