The London Business Experience

9/29- 10/13

5 days. It took 5 days to catapult me from what I thought I knew about photography and videography, to where I am today. Working for LBS has been one of the greatest experiences I have had to date. 

My goal as a photographer and videographer is simple: create unique and interesting content that gets people talking and interested in the subject matter. As a full time digital marketing analyst my love for photography and videography have allowed me to fully develop a 360* view of the marketplace. I know the product, I know the consumer and I know how to bridge the gap between the two. I love marketing and I love creating amazing media. 

My goal is to help you, my client, enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) by growing your web presence, and doing so with interesting and unique content. I want to help you strengthen and grow your overall market by capturing peoples attention. And then, I want to look at the analytics and develop a qualitative strategy to better understand our market. Why are people looking at X and not Z? What captures their attention and what keeps their attention?  These are the questions LBS and many others are asking. The following images and video are a testament to LBS's understanding of, appreciation of and commitment to effective digital marketing.