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2015 SnoBall500

Full album from the 2015 SnoBall500 sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics and KC-Hilites

Columbia University // Kraft Center

Columbia University - Kraft Center Seixas Dinner 2014 // Highlight images

Columbia/Barnard Hillel honored Jonathan S. Lavine, Managing Partner, Sankaty Advisors, LLC and Managing Director, Bain Capital, LLC at this year's Seixas Awards  Dinner Thursday, May 15, 2014 at Low Memorial Library, Columbia University. JHeislerPhotography  was honored to photograph this special venue and the many special moments leading up to this truly memorable evening. 


The SnoBall 500 is a winter Raptor Run/driving experience. During the run drivers encountered everything that Mother Nature and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan could throw at them; areas of two track roads, logging trails, forest service roads and country roads. Road conditions varied with different amount of snowfall on them, from significant snow fall to minimal/scraped country roads. From the moment we slapped the SnoBall 500 window decal on our truck we were in for a unique and exciting weekend. The 2014 SnoBall 500 was a journey. 

This trip was cold, long, and exhausting. However, it was exciting, beautiful, unreal and a true escape. 72 Ford F-150 Raptors, 100+ guys and a few gals, and untouched, snow covered roads = an awesome time. We constantly shifted timezones. We wound up in areas in which calling AAA, or the police/fire department would be useless; that's if we had cell service. 

Photographing the event was challenging. Each group and each truck within the group held its position the whole day. There was no passing, and there was no coming back to the same trail. I had to photograph from the truck! I often photographed out the rear window and side windows. My only time to jump out was when we regrouped, or if we stopped for a bathroom break. 

It's life, it's business and it's a rush!

Back in May 2013, I went on a 10 day group trip to Israel. I went not as a photographer but as a college graduate looking to have some fun. Naturally, I brought my camera. But it was a small and basic setup (Canon 5D Mark III w/ 27-105mm F/4). When I returned I posted my photos on Facebook (personal page and JHeislerPhotography page), Flickr  and various other social media sites. Well, the images went viral in the Binghamton University community, the national (and even global) Jewish community and throught the travel industry. A few weeks went by and I received a phone call from Hillel International asking me about my photos and if I would be willing to photograph a week long event down in St. Louis.

First, I had to plan the week. Then, I had to write the contract, and then, most importantly, I had to submit approval for a week off at my 9-5 job. After, it was all said and done I finally flew down to St. Louis in late July.

The week had me running around with 90lbs. of gear on my back, a 5D Mark III in one hand and a backup 7D in the other.

Some of my gear from the week. Check out Canon's new Speedlite 600EX with radio sync transmitter. The things are awesome and worth every penny. If you don't need Pocket Wizards or if you're seeking something with a cleaner and more streamline look go for these things!

I arranged and photographed portrait sessions throughout the day and in between speeches, group activities and POI/ environmental (point of interests) shots. I was exhausted and on top of it all I had committed to video production work as well. Oh yeah, I was also live blogging across several platforms and I had a 24 hour edit turn around. 

Instragram picture while doing video work on a faculty member. P.s. follow me @JonathanHeisler on Instagram!

After a week of back pain, 2 migraines and 3 hours of sleep a night I returned back to New York. The following weeks were met with strict deadlines and the production of some of my greatest work yet. 

The point:   Openly marketing yourself and your images is one of the most important and most beneficial things you can do. It's where you should be putting most of your energy when things are slow; photographer or not! It's all about having the greatest reach possible whether it be through word of mouth or on the internet (SEO(I use the term loosely as it's overly used and misunderstood). Market yourself, and your ideas, it's the most important thing you can do if you want to be seen and, or heard.