Habitat For Humanity - Binghamton University Alumni

On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the Binghamton University Alumni Association Metro New York Chapter travelled to Hempstead, NY to work with Habitat for Humanity. Not only was the volunteer turn out great, but so was the amazing weather. The amazing weather attracted a great volunteer turnout, bringing together alumni from all years and areas of the metropolitan area; Connecticut, New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

In just one day, the Binghamton University Alumnus were able to spread wood chips around the home's foundation, build the house's wood frame sill and organize building materials for the project.

Checkout the alumni group on Facebook for more great events!

Bronx Zoo

Wobble like a penguin! Cackle like a hyena! Now, stretch your neck for a photo with the giraffes! 

When I was younger I used to visit the Bronx Zoo quite often. I would go with my parents in the Spring and then in the Fall. Everything was larger than life, and everything seemed so far removed from the energy of New York City, and yet we were in a New York City borough. The zoo, acted more like a time machine taking me back to early 1900's Africa with it's small tribal villages and roaming herds of animals, than a 20 minutes car ride from Manhattan, NY. When I hopped out of the car in to the Bronx Zoo parking lot it felt more like I had hopped out of bush plane and landed in the Serengeti. And yet, I was in the Bronx.

Many years later, as an adult visiting the Bronx Zoo it is a true rediscovery of self. There's a true deja vu as you walk the same paths you did as a child, as you giggle at the sea lions, and as you gaze at the size of an elephant. From the first time I visited the Bronx Zoo to my most recent visit a lot has changed. What has not changed is my love and excitement for visiting the zoo. 

Grand Central Station - New York City

On a recent shoot for my alma mater, Binghamton University I photographed a fellow alumni at New York City's Grand Central Station. The lighting situation and white balance was difficult. Lots of harsh, warm, yellow light. There also wasn't much light which presented its own challenge. The culmination of white balance and light made it very difficult to create fill light using an external flash. 

I will upload a link to the alumni shoot photos once they are published in Binghamton University's alumni magazine, In the mean time here are a few photos I grabbed before and after my shoot.


Jonathan Heisler

Central Park

Over the past year, I have come to New York City more than ever. Sometimes I come for work, and other times it's to see friends, but it's always a rush. There is so much going on. There are so many places to see and so much to do. I really think it is impossible and outright boring to do the same thing twice in this city.

When I come I don't always have my camera, and it's a shame. This past weekend I changed that. I walked around Central Park with my girlfriend and my second body camera, a Canon 6D w/ the 24-70mm f2.8. It was cold, but it was worth it. We walked around aimlessly and saw all the notorious, cliche scenic Central Park places. 

Winter Romp 2015

The Maine Winter Romp is an annual gathering of Land Rover owners and enthusiasts hosted by Bruce Fowler. Set in and around Benton, Maine over Presidents' Weekend, Maine Winter Romp provides a non-competitive opportunity to test your Rover and driving skills in conditions that can be extreme.

The event has grown into the largest winter gathering of Land-Rovers in the Northeast—maybe even the country. The event is open to drivers of all skill levels. 

Check it out!

Model Unit

We just got done photographing a condo in East Patchogue, NY. The unit below, is part of a 32 unit housing project. As of now, 19 of the units are sold, and 13 remain to be sold.

The client, NuBirch Custom Cabinetry, a long time friend of Jonathan Heisler Photography, is looking to update the property's website and its marketing/advertising materials. The client hopes that by rebranding the property and its many marketable features they'll reach a new demographic and a new type of buyer. Hopefully this will sell the remaining 13 properties. 

Image details: I photographed each image at, or around:  1/8 of a second (shutter speed), an aperture of F22 and with a Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt as a fill light. Later, I went in to Photoshop and I  merged the images using layers and masks. The final images are brought in to Lightroom where they are color corrected and cleaned up.

2015 SnoBall500

Full album from the 2015 SnoBall500 sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics and KC-Hilites

SnoBall500 - Stuck real good

Question: How do you recover a 4-ton Ford Raptor leaning at 32 degrees (when at 36* it rolls) and it's right on a 15 foot drop off?

Answer: 8 Raptors, a few tree huggers, 3 winches, a bunch of shackles, soft shackles and nerves of steel.

The SnoBall500 sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics and KC-Hilites was awesome! Thanks to Great Lake Raptor Expeditions GLRE for hosting another exceptional event!

Photos from the 2014 SnoBall500

Sneak Peek!

The official marketing material of Jonathan Heisler!

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2014 Review

Thank you! Thank you, for your commitment to Jonathan Heisler Photography in 2014!

This past year, we worked together capturing numerous events/projects. Our images were used in marketing pieces, websites, memos and advertisements (they all looked AWESOME). When you saw our images, often times they made you smile, laugh, think and awe, but most importantly they made you reminisce.

The saying “a photo is worth a thousand words” has never more sense than now. Simply put, our photos tell rich and elaborate stories, your stories.

In 2015, I hope to tell your story with video. Together we can capture testimonials, event summary’s and more.

I hope you’ll be a part of our never ending story in 2015!

Happy New Year,


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