University Photographer

My experience as a university photographer has enabled me to effectively tell the exciting and unique story of higher education. A University has many stories to be told with its dynamic student body, accomplished faculty and beautiful campus.

Photography amplifies a university’s voice and helps the administration accomplish their marketing and communications goals. My extensive experience as a photographer and as Digital Media Specialist to Binghamton University, Hillel International, London Business School, Columbia University are summarized by some of my work below. 

I do... still!

Renewing your vows.

 I always photograph the first time. The first time two people come together with friends and family and say, "I do, I do".

Every wedding I've photographed has been an honor. With some studios photographing 250, 300 or more weddings a year you start to realize certain unfortunate things. Every year there are about 10, or more albums which never get picked up or even finished. The odds of a successful marriage become clear. 

After 30 years,  John decided to renew his vows and surprise his wife, Dawn. Dawn was presented with a special note from John and a box containing a dress. Suddenly everything became clear. She had to get ready. 

20 minutes away the rest of the family was ready and waiting for Dawn's arrival. 

NuBirch Custom Cabinetry

It's NuBirch Custom Cabinetry's attention to detail and diverse portfolio which JHeislerPhotography admires. For over 25 years, NuBirch has provided some of the finest cabinetry services to the tri-state area and beyond. As a 2nd generation family business NuBirch is highly respected.

JHeislerPhotography looks forward to photographing every and any NuBirch project. 

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