2015 SnoBall500

Full album from the 2015 SnoBall500 sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics and KC-Hilites

SnoBall500 - Stuck real good

Question: How do you recover a 4-ton Ford Raptor leaning at 32 degrees (when at 36* it rolls) and it's right on a 15 foot drop off?

Answer: 8 Raptors, a few tree huggers, 3 winches, a bunch of shackles, soft shackles and nerves of steel.

The SnoBall500 sponsored by Icon Vehicle Dynamics and KC-Hilites was awesome! Thanks to Great Lake Raptor Expeditions GLRE for hosting another exceptional event!

Photos from the 2014 SnoBall500

Sneak Peek!

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2014 Review

Thank you! Thank you, for your commitment to Jonathan Heisler Photography in 2014!

This past year, we worked together capturing numerous events/projects. Our images were used in marketing pieces, websites, memos and advertisements (they all looked AWESOME). When you saw our images, often times they made you smile, laugh, think and awe, but most importantly they made you reminisce.

The saying “a photo is worth a thousand words” has never more sense than now. Simply put, our photos tell rich and elaborate stories, your stories.

In 2015, I hope to tell your story with video. Together we can capture testimonials, event summary’s and more.

I hope you’ll be a part of our never ending story in 2015!

Happy New Year,


Take a minute to look at some of our work from the past year:

Alan Dershowitz

On October 29, 2014, Alan Dershowitz, lawyer, author and political commentator spoke to Columbia University students. He spent most of his career at Harvard Law School where in 1967, at the age of 28, he became the youngest full professor of law in its history. 

Dershowitz has been involved in several legal cases and is a commentator on the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

I am Jonathan Heisler


I do... still!

Renewing your vows.

 I always photograph the first time. The first time two people come together with friends and family and say, "I do, I do".

Every wedding I've photographed has been an honor. With some studios photographing 250, 300 or more weddings a year you start to realize certain unfortunate things. Every year there are about 10, or more albums which never get picked up or even finished. The odds of a successful marriage become clear. 

After 30 years,  John decided to renew his vows and surprise his wife, Dawn. Dawn was presented with a special note from John and a box containing a dress. Suddenly everything became clear. She had to get ready. 

20 minutes away the rest of the family was ready and waiting for Dawn's arrival.